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About Pelikamo

Daily Essentials

Our aim is to create the best possible product. We make clothes, not fashion and offer timeless essentials that will be yours for years. We offer a large business and casual ready-to-wear collection as well as tailoring services to meet all of your needs. Furthermore, we offer a large never-out-of stock range: These are pieces that build the backbone of every gentleman’s wardrobe. So, whether you’re in need of classic navy trousers or a crisp white shirt, we would like to be your first choice for your daily essentials.


Creating clothes is like mixing the perfect cocktail. The better the ingredients, the greater the final product. We spend a fair amount of time finding the best manufacturers and sourcing the best raw materials. All of our products are crafted in Europe. We work with specialised companies, mostly family-run businesses in Italy and Portugal, and solely use highest quality materials. We work with Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonica, just to name a few.

Made by Locals for Locals

We are a Swiss menswear brand, our clothes are designed at our HQ in Zurich and produced exclusively in Europe. We created Pelikamo in 2011 with the objective of creating beautiful clothes that are comfortable to wear and will stand the test of time. You can be sure, every time a box with new garments arrive, the excitement is high - it goes without saying that we all wear our designs.

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It’s all About The Details

We spend hours looking into and fussing about all the details, not only when it comes to creating a new piece of clothing. If you visit our store in Zurich for example, you will see that we’ve individually designed each piece of furniture to ensure our clothes get the display they deserve. Or if you look behind the counter, you’ll see that we’ve created our own range of spirits (Gin, Whisky, Vodka and Rum), all created in Switzerland.

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