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Winter Tailoring Ideas

A lookbook of winter tailoring ideas and inspiration for any occasion.

Meet our clients

Mr. Mosimann is a doctor of laboratory medicine and COO of the Analytica Group. He lives with his wife and three children in Herrliberg. 

If you could only wear one look, what would it be? The key is simplicity. I would choose a midnight blue overshirt suit with a white Oxford shirt, classic button down, matched with a Merino sweater over the shoulder. Materials according to the season. Linen when it's warm, flannel for the cold season.

Who inspires you with their clothing style? Patrick Johnson for his creative developments and Australian lightness. Davide Baroncini for the aesthetic interpretation of the Italian dolce vita. Oliver Dannefalk for the Swedish vintage revival. Saman Amel and Lalle Johnson for the fantastic Nordic color combinations and materials. Teddy Santis for the unique New York street style. Alessandro Squarzi for a bit of sprezzatura and Giorgio Armani as an icon of the 80s. 

What would you do with four hours in Zurich without any obligations? It is a scarce moment when having three children. But one can still dream. I would get on my bike, cycle toward Seefeld for a Matcha at the Monocle Café, and then jump into the lake at Badi Utoquai. I would then check out novelties at a few selected watch shops and round off the 4 hours with an aperitif with friends at Gamper. 

Which of your wife’s outfits is your favorite? A well-fitting white denim (preferably Japanese Denim MTM) combined with a merino T-shirt and Alden loafers. I like simple looks that contain good, soft materials and appear natural. 

Which Pelikamo product brings you the most joy? My knee-length navy overcoat with raglan sleeves made from DRAGO merino wool. Warm enough to sleep in it outside, chic enough for a cocktail party, and big enough to keep my wife warm. Most importantly, it is comfortable enough to wear all the time. 

What is your most important MTM learning? Not too fancy! You don’t have to reinvent everything. It’s better to start with basics and high-quality materials. Clean and simple.



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